Terms and conditions of use

All purchases made on the website by the customers will be subject to the General Conditions of Purchase set forth herein .

The purchase by the customer implies your agreement and acceptance of these General Conditions of Purchase.

All information contained on the website www. AwningsComponents.com may be modified by Awnings and Components at any time and without notice.

Although Awnings and Components has tried to reflect the tone of the canvas as closely as possible, the tone of the colors of all the canvases displayed in our website may vary depending on the monitor where these colours are displayed, so you can create false expectations regarding the real tone. Therefore the company cannot be held responsible or accept the return of the canvas for this reason.

Except for typographical errors or omissions, prices and characteristics of the items are reflected perfectly in the website www. AwningsComponents com

Awnings and Components reserves the right to modify at any time the information contained on its website and to suspend access at any time and without notice.

Regarding taxes, in addition to those used in the sale, the customs system of each country apply the relevant tax burdens so the costs of customs clearance and import taxes are not included on the item price nor the shipping costs.

As for the content of this document it means that the customer has read and has understood perfectly all Terms of trade, and freely accept each and every one of them.

The customers should provide accurate and reliable personal information,  payment data and shipping details to Awnings and Components. Should Awnings and Components finds that any or all of this data is false, the purchase will be automatically void and the Customer may not claim any refund regarding the costs for procedures.

Also Awnings and Components reserves the right to withhold an order when waiting for any information needed from the customer. On this case the delivery time will be delayed in proportion to the time the customer has taken to provide the required details.

Awnings and Components  will issue an invoice on products purchased and this invoice will be sent to the Customer via e-mail. The customer could print this invoice as long as the client use their identification number.

In the event that any bank deny payment of any amounts charged on credit card whose cause was not directly attributable to Awnings and Components, the customer shall bear all expenses incurred bothfor  bank charges such as debt collection or any other.

In any case Awnings and Components have the right to refuse an order. At the time of payment by bank transfer, it is important to indicate the order number which will be assigned on the purchase, also including if possible the customer name and surname.

The payment or bank transfer must be made during the 2 following days to the date when the order was confirmed. If these conditions were not followed, we could cancel your order.

Payment of the purchase amount must be received by Awnings and Components free of bank charges or other costs arising from the transaction. The customer can select any of the following forms of payment to pay for purchases:

* Bank transfers

* Payments by charge on credit card 

* Payment by Paypal

Shipping and delivery

1. The delivery time should run from the date we receive notice of payment of the item or items bought, to the date the order is received at the destination address. This term, as a guideline will not usually exceed 15 days

As stated above these deadlines are always approximate, Awnings and Components cannot accept any liability in case some of these conditions are not correct due to transport problems or any other fault which may occur.

2. Similarly, any delay in the receipt of an order, it can never justify the annulment of the same or the solicitation of compensation by the Customer or third parties.

3. The approximate limits specified for delivering products to the customer always start counting from the receipt by Awnings and Components of the payment confirmation of the total amount of the purchase. The delivery process of the order will not start until this moment.

4. Any penalty clause for delay introduced by the Customer in its order is not effective  and will not apply to this purchase contract. The customer will have 24 hours to verify the integrity of all components of the product and check that the parcel includes everything listed in the article characteristics. After that time, any complaint with regard to the integrity and content of the product will not be valid.

5. The customer will be notified by e-mail once your order is handed over to the carrier.

6. The Customer is responsible, unless otherwise stipulated by the parties, of the payment of any costs of transportation, telephone, postal, and other arrangements for returns or claims arising during the warranty period. 9. In any case, Awnings and Components reserves the right to refuse the return of a product depending on the state in which it is returned.

10. The client must respect the purchase agreement once accepted the order, and agree to the estipulated payment of the agreed price. Non-receipt of the order by the customer at the place of delivery may generate additional costs on the sale price. The costs incurred in returning the product are borne by the buyer, this must meet the compensation due for the damage which has occurred in the acquired products unless they arrive with a defect source, and should be noted on the delivery note and the customer will let us know not later than 7working days from the time of receipt.

11. According to the Spanish Law 47/2002 of the Retail Trade, Article 45 the customer will not be entitled to return all products that: They are prepared in accordance with the consumer's specifications or clearly personalised or which by their nature, cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly. Items which have been tested or used and no longer could be sold as new. Items which have been supplied with packaging type "blister" and it has been opened. Sale items offered where a discount on the regular price has been made. Generally only returns that have been previously authorised by Awnings and Components will be accepted

12. The costs of transport for the return of the items will always be borne by the customer.

13. Awnings and Components reserves the right to pay a lower amount if the material does not arrive in perfect condition and with all accessories.

14. Therefore, by accepting these Terms of Purchase the customer expressly disclaims any liability claim, contractual or tort damages against Awnings and Components for any issues, problems, delivery delays or cancellations of purchases which should happen.

15. The Customer declares to be older and meet the physical and mental capacity required by law, to make purchases and payments through the pages of Awnings and Components. If the customer have any legal incapacity, then regarding this agreement, whoever may be responsible for the acts of the client (tutors, parents, ...) would be vicariously liable.

16. Should there any conflicts or difference between the buying and selling parties in the interpretation and implementation of this document and in case the disagreement is not resolved by mutual agreement, the dispute will be resolved at the request of either party and after writing communication to the other party, by arbitration at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaga mutually decided

17. All this is without prejudice to the parties to submit to a judicial procedure which shall be made to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Malaga in which case the Customer will waive their own jurisdiction in cases procedural rules permit.

All the content of this document, purchase and sale contract, meet each and every one of the legal requirements demanded by the Spanish Civil Code.

To purchase through this shop, awnings must be registered and validated. At the time of placing your order, and once confirmed the acceptance, provided it means the customer's consent and the validity and effectiveness of the purchase contract that obligates the parties.

These conditions are established in accordance with the provisions of Spanish Law 26/1984 of 19 June, General Defence of Consumers and Users, Law 7/1998 of 13 April, General conditions


In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, we inform that all data provided by the customer, by any means, through the order, throughout the business relationship with our company, this data will be incorporated into a file owned and managed by Awnings and Components and will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

The purpose of the collection and processing of data is to manage the business relationship, manage applications and / or orders and collections.

The owner of the data must be of legal age. Unless specifically stated otherwise is considered necessary to complete all the required data in the forms. In the case of not providing all data considered necessary, Awnings and Components may, depending on the case, cancel your request.

Please note that you can amend the personal information, access rights, rectify information and cancel data hold by Awnings and Components  by making an application to Awnings and Components in writing to the following address: Urbanization Perla Bahía III, No. 12 Chilches in Málaga, with a copy of your ID.


All products offered in our store are guaranteed for a period of two years under current legislation for any manufacturing defect, considering that the warranty is void in the event that any of the following circumstances:

· Shock and / or breakage caused by misuse.

· Failure to observe the instructions for use and handling.

· Faulty installations and / or installation errors.

· Incorrect supply voltage.

· Damage due to natural phenomena or disasters such as storms, floods, lightning, earthquakes, fires, etc, which may affect or not the electrical supply.

Shipping charges incurred for the return and collection of the product in the warranty period will always be borne by the CUSTOMER. However Toldos Yules, will assume these costs within the first month of the warranty.